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In one sense, this book is a construction manual. It describes the tools you will need for
success, and offers blueprints to help you build a successful and rewarding life.
In a second, sense, it is a cookbook. It lists the ingredients the principles you will need to
follow to become successful and gives you the recipe for mixing them in the correct
But, above all, this is a guidebook a step by step, how to book that will take you from
dreaming about success to unlocking your potential for success.
One of the purposes of this book is to help you create an Action Plan for the rest of your
life. If you have never created an Action Plan, it defines three things:

1. What you want to achieve
2. How you expect to achieve it
3. When you plan to achieve it

As you read this book, keep a notebook handy, divided into three sections: your goals,
the stages in which you plan to reach them, and your timetable for success.
By the time you finish reading this book, your notebook will be the foundation on which
you can build your new life.

An easy to read, practical, common-sense approach that will take you from ancient wisdom to contemporary thinking, YOU CAN WIN helps to dispel confusion in daily life and clarify values. YOU CAN WIN makes you evaluate if you are going through life out of inspiration (playing to win) or desperation (playing not to lose).

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